• Genesis Hinckley

My Busy, Hard-Working Mama

Oh mama.

I remember staring out into the audience from my view on the stage. The hot lights pierced my face at my first chorus concert. Every seat in the theater was filled and the eager audience members ready to cheer for the voices of their children. Anna’s mom was there and so was Jane’s. But where were you… mama?

What about my track meets? As I nervously prepared to run faster than I ever had before, I would look into the crowd hoping to catch a glimpse of your warm smile. But before I could lose my focus, I quickly looked away. Was there something more important than me… mama?

And where were you at the drop-off and pick-up lane at my elementary school? My excitement to see you slowly faded as the time went by waiting for your car to pull up. And when the school staff and I awkwardly exchanged smiles, I questioned, “Why did work always have to be the excuse?” The clock hit 5:00 pm and you were still nowhere to be found. Donde estabas mama?

At the time, it broke my heart not to see you among the crowd of proud parents supporting their kids. The question “where are you, mama?” suffocated my mind until I remembered - This was just how things were.

You worked and worked and worked and told yourself that soon, you would be able to spend time with us. Perhaps, as soon as you got that paycheck, we would be better and you wouldn’t be gone so much. But before it ever did get better, we grew up before your eyes, mama.

At the end of the day, your love was always something that fueled me when you couldn’t be around. Somehow, even though you weren’t there for my concerts or track meets, you were always there, mama. You were there when we needed motivation. You were there when we needed food or a warm bed to sleep in. You were there when we needed to laugh things off. You always provided, mama. You were always there.

So thank you, mama. For giving up every second of your time to make sure we had it all.

Thank you, mama. For raising us in a country that was foreign to you, just so we could live better lives.

Thank you, mama. For your unwavering strength and positivity through sorrow we never thought we could endure.

My mama, gracias. Oh, how I love you and am grateful that you are my mama.

Genesis Hinckley


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